I'm not one for taking photographs, but if I'm out walking dogs I sometimes get a bit bored and reach for the camera. Technically my phone, but it has a camera! Sony Xperia Z3.

No editing.

360 Panoramics

These are the ones you take standing on the spot, spinning in a circle like an idiot and becoming enraged when it turns out rubbish. I almost never take them, but I have tried.

There's a custom viewer for these, however I'm pretty sure it won't work well on mobile. Maybe not at all.


DOGS! Not mine, I'm at work too much for a dog. Little monsters that I sometimes look after.

Rochdale (around)

Shawclough, Whitworth and surrounding areas. Not much variety, just as far as the dogs could walk.

Spain (Fuengirola)

I was there for 2 days attending a wedding. I don't like weddings or the people at them, so went for a very long walk.

UK Beaches

The beach is awesome. Always forget to take pictures though.


Where I was born. This is a very distorted vision of the town. I lived there for 3 decades and took some pictures before I left. Something to remind of how good it used to be, not the dive it is today. Do not live or visit there.



Everything Else...

The rest.